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Van de Bron: Receive 10% discount on your energy contract with Van de Bron's biomass scheme

Soop: Develop custom branded soap for your clients

"I can't stop sweeping the streets. Since I've started collecting citrus peels from the local restaurants, I've gotten to know my community very well."

Bram Kanstein
Gemeente Amsterdam

"At Fresh and Go, we trade our orange peels daily to Soop. Not only has Afval Afhaal helped us save costs on our waste utilities, it's cool for our customers to see their juices turned to soap."

Anita Burgermeester

"We at Bio-Spread use left over vegetables from Amsterdam's best known restaurants. Afval Afhaal makes this possible. Spread the word."

Janine de Luiter

Our plans

Goal 1

Engage the SMEs

70% of restaurants throw out 50% of their organic waste65% of food SMEs in Amsterdam don't know how to close the loopAccording the the AMEC, the number of small scale food associated producers are rapidly increasing

Goal 2

Realise circularity in Amsterdam

Connect supply and demandDivert organic wasteBy 2025, close the loop on organic waste for Amsterdam's small independent food businesses.

Goal 3

Make Impact

Real, local benefitsCommunity engagementBuild your business, locally

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